Snow Patrol Wildness

2018 saw the return of Snow Patrol, with their 7th album and global tourWildness. I was tasked to 

design their tour programme. And along the way, I ended up doing a lot more for them including social, branding, stage design and lots more fun stuff. 

Snow Patrol Logo

One day, I was playing about with a marker and traced over the Snow Patrol snowflake, scanned it in and now it's their logo. 

It is also the opening screen to all of their shows on tour. P.S. spot my handwritten 'Hello'.

I wanted to encapsulate the raw emotion behind the lyrics as well as the open and honest approach Gary Lightbody takes to writing. So, a key element of the design is handwritten typography - with all of its genuine and unrefined textures. 


The sporadic design allows readers to discover something new every time they flick through while conveying the essence of the album - the Wildness of the modern world.

The programme also has an AR feature, wherein a few of the pages contain a code which readers can scan to trigger additional, behind-the-scenes content - exclusive content that can only be viewed by those who own a physical copy.

My main aim was to break the boundaries and expectations of the humble tour programme.

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Photo cred: Bradley Quinn Photography