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JCDecaux X Refugee Week 2021

You Make Belfast Better

This year marks 100 years of N.Ireland.


As expected, it has become a contentious topic between the 'two communities' here and is fuelling the constant unionist vs. nationalist conversation.



N.Ireland is more than two communities.

Thousands of refugees and asylum seekers from all over the world call here home.


Yet, despite these growing numbers, N.Ireland remains the only part of the UK without a Refugee Integration Strategy. 

Not only this, Belfast is the city with the most racist hate crime in the whole of Europe.


96 sheet.jpg


This Refugee Week, 12 billboards will appear across Belfast in the 12 languages most commonly spoken by refugees and asylum seekers living here. 

The message translates to "You Make Belfast Better".

No CTA. No brand. Just a simple message of acceptance and appreciation - the ultimate way to welcome people by sending them a message only they can understand. 

The campaign is a counterattack to the racist graffiti that we see all too often emblazoned around our city and as a retaliation to post-Brexit sentiment. 

All in the hope of igniting a vital conversation around race and racism in NI and putting pressure on the government to introduce a Refugee Integration Strategy.

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