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Space For Everybody

Campaign against Direct Provision

The Direct Provision system in Ireland was set up as a temporary measure after a surge in the number of asylum applications in the late 90s.


Fast forward 20 years to today, and the system is still operating. And in full flow.


More than 3,000 people are housed in overcrowded, prison-like residences across the country. These inhumane living conditions are no accident. The system was designed with the hope of deterring as many asylum seekers as possible from coming here.

Of all countries, Ireland is one that should have a lot more compassion for those fleeing war and famine. We are the original refugees.

A common argument for Ireland's sh*te immigration policies is that we are a small island and have "no room" for refugees.



Ireland remains one of the few countries in the world with a smaller population in 2021 than in 1821, as a result of over 2 million people emigrating during the famine.

Today, we can still see the remains of a once bustling, rural Ireland in the form of thousands of deserted cottages across the island.



A guerrilla campaign that will see these abandoned famine cottages being used as a medium for an important message that Ireland has 'Space for Everybody', with the aim of debunking the "no room" myth.

It looks like another year of staycations. Many Irish people will be travelling around rural areas where they will pass hundreds of these usually ignored cottages.


These artworks will serve as a stark reminder of their emigrating ancestry, 

while raising awareness and starting vital conversations around the human rights violation that is Direct Provision.

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